The word “demolition” makes most people think of large-scale building removal. However, residential demolition is far more common and can be used in a variety of home renovation projects. From in-home renovation to total home demolition, hiring a demolition expert is crucial for making sure these projects are done properly. For those in Gilmer, Pineywoods Demolition can help you start any necessary demolition projects needed for your home renovations.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Gilmer

Creating an open concept home begins with knocking down certain dividing walls or beams that divide up your space. Sometimes, these dividing walls are integral to the structure of your house, especially if they are load-bearing walls used to support the upper half of your home. Speaking with a demolition expert is the best way to find out the best plan for executing these renovations, helping make sure they get carried out properly.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are typically constructed in factories, starting with a steel frame and adding either gypsum or vinyl walls to build the body of the structure. The biggest difference between mobile homes and homes with a foundation is their materials, which are considerably weaker than traditional home materials like bricks and stone masonry. Mobile home materials typically last up to 20 years if they are well maintained. After that time, demolition may be the best option for dealing with these structures, avoiding pricey repairs that cost more than the mobile home itself.


For avid gardeners and backyard enjoyers alike, the usefulness of your shed can completely change how you use your outdoor spaces. If you have an older shed that is falling apart or unusable, demolishing that shed can make room for a newer, more functional structure. From removing the siding to tearing up the foundation, consulting a demolition expert is the best way to begin getting rid of any unwanted or unusable shed.


For those looking into more affordable, portable housing, trailers are an excellent choice. However, trailers are typically useful for around 10 to 15 years if well maintained, meaning that renovations on older trailers may cost more to execute than getting a new trailer. When reaching the end of their usable window, demolishing your old trailer may be necessary for getting rid of it, which can be done with the help of a demolition team.

Homes and Small Structures

Buying a piece of property can often mean large-scale renovations or tearing down old homes and structures on the grounds. Beginning the demolition process starts with identifying which features or structures need to come down. Then, after solidifying your design plan, getting assistance from a certified demolition company is necessary for getting started on removing these homes and buildings.

Gilmer Demolition Experts for Residential Renovations

Pineywoods Demolition is committed to providing expert residential demolition services to the communities of East Texas, including those in Gilmer. If you have renovations that include tearing down or deconstructing pieces of your home, our experts are here to help. For more information, including a complete list of services we offer, contact us today.

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