Renovations are the first step homeowners take when making a space their own. Sometimes, these renovations require heavy-duty demolition, which needs to be handled by a professional demolition company. At Pineywoods Demolition, our team of demolition experts can assist you with any residential demolition project, ensuring that what needs to be torn down is done safely and efficiently.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Tyler

Sometimes, renovating the home of your dreams means knocking down a wall in your kitchen or bathroom to rearrange or open up the space. Having an in-depth knowledge of how certain structures are built and supported is crucial for beginning any home demolition project. Without consulting an experienced demolition expert before going through these teardowns, you run the risk of taking out crucial supports for your house and compromising its overall structural integrity. For any small-scale demolition project, we can help.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, unlike traditional homes, typically have a lifespan of about 20 years before they need to be replaced. Over time, the materials used to build a mobile home can break down, causing costly and frequent repairs. When a mobile home reaches the end of its lifespan, the necessary features needed to maintain its use can fall apart and come irreplaceable, leaving demolition as the only option for dealing with these older structures.


Sheds are typically used for outdoor storage, but they can also be used for entertaining when turned into mini bars or outdoor gyms. Renovating older sheds for these big plans can sometimes be impossible, especially if the foundation of the existing shed is crumbling. Demolishing these sheds can help you start the backyard project of your dreams, creating the space needed to construct a newer, stronger shed for your outdoor design.


The terms “trailer” and “mobile home” are often used interchangeably, but they are different. Trailers are designed to be moved often, whereas mobile homes are completely constructed in a factory setting and transported to their location. However, mobile homes are secured to a foundation like a stick-built home.

While they are intended for travel, more modern trailers can be used as permanent residences when parked on a lot — but they do tend to have a lifespan. Pineywoods Demolition can tear down your old trailer and help you dispose of it properly.

Homes and Small Structures

Renovating a home can include tearing down external features that may not be functional anymore. Barns, detached garages, or guest houses on your property that need to be removed can be demolished with the help of a professional demolition team. For old homes, it may be necessary to completely demolish the house, especially if any inspections reveal damage that goes beyond the extent of a renovation.

Tyler, TX Demolition Experts

Starting any residential renovation can be stressful, especially if there’s demolition involved. Pineywoods Demolition can provide expert services to effectively manage any residential demolition project, ensuring the task at hand is executed effectively and professionally. If you are looking for demolition services in the Tyler area, contact us today.

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