A total renovation of your property is a big project, especially if you require demolition services to execute your design plans. Although demolition is widely considered a destructive operation, these projects must be conducted carefully to protect any elements of your property or stand-alone structures that must be preserved. If you live in Kilgore, the demolition crew at Pineywoods Demolition services will help you with any renovation jobs involving demolition.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Kilgore

Although these operations are considered small scale, they require substantial masonry abilities and thorough knowledge of your house’s support construction to be carried out successfully. An experienced demolition company is necessary to carry out these plans, which may involve anything from tearing down a wall to create an open floorplan in your downstairs to renovating your bathroom. To assist you in reimagining your home, Pineywoods Demolition offers the knowledge required to accomplish these demolition tasks.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are manufactured in one location and then transported and secured to the ground on the desired lot. The materials utilized to build these structures will begin to degrade after their period of use, which is usually about 20 years, and will likely require costly and unworkable repairs. Quite often, the only solutions for problems with an older mobile home are to demolish it or shred it for parts. Before beginning any mobile home demolition operations, if you decide to go the demolition path, you must consult with a demolition specialist.


One of the many benefits of having an outdoor shed is the ability to create entertaining areas for your guests and family as well as secure outdoor storage. The stability, security, and functionality of these sheds must be ensured for their use, and if they cannot meet these requirements, they should be demolished and replaced. Pineywoods Demolition is ready to assist if you need an old shed torn down.


Trailers are typically thought of as smaller, more compact variations of mobile houses, but a trailer has a lifespan of up to 15 years if well maintained due to their lighter materials. After their initial period of usefulness, remodeling an older trailer may cost more than purchasing a new one, meaning that the old trailer will need to be scrapped. Older trailers might have to be demolished if they are deemed unfit for usage, which requires the services of an expert demolition team.

Homes and Small Structures

Some older homes and structures may include features that are out of date and in need of total demolition because they can render these buildings unsuitable. Homes and buildings, especially those with sturdy foundations, require a team of professionals and large equipment to destroy. For these operations, getting in touch with a demolition firm is essential to ensuring the teardowns are managed professionally and successfully.

Finding Residential Demolition Services in Kilgore, TX

Starting a home restoration project requires a solid design plan and technician team, particularly when demolition is involved. The knowledgeable professionals at Pineywoods Demolition are available to assist with any residential demolition project for customers in the Kilgore area. Get in touch with us for more details on our services, along with a comprehensive list of the areas we serve.

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