To start large-scale home renovations, you likely need to conduct at least some demolition first. However, once something is knocked down, it is hard to put it back up, so you need to find a demolition business you can rely on for these projects. For people in Henderson, Pineywoods Demolition can provide you with the demolition services you need.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Henderson

Adding or removing a wall or room in your house requires expertise and a thorough knowledge of where load-bearing components are located. For small-scale demolition, our team can correctly identify and avoid destroying load-bearing walls or support beams that are necessary for the structural integrity of your home — allowing you to execute your design plan effectively and safely.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, despite their name, are typically fixed to a single spot like traditional houses. These homes are usually created with a steel frame, then lined with gypsum or vinyl walls. Over time, the materials used in mobile homes can break down and deteriorate beyond the point of repairs, leaving demolition as the only option for getting rid of these structures. To properly complete the job of demolishing a mobile home, specific demolition licenses and expert knowledge of demolition are needed.


Complete demolition of your outdoor sheds for some backyard remodeling projects can be used to achieve certain design aesthetics. Sheds can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple sheds to more complex structures with concrete foundations. When going through the demolition process, sheds with strong foundations require the expertise of a trained demolition team to properly remove them, usually with the help of heavy machinery needed to break up any existing masonry.


Trailers are very similar to mobile homes, in which both are factory-made with a strong metal frame. Unlike mobile homes, however, trailers are easier to move from location to location, but once planted, demolition may be your only choice for getting rid of any older trailer. For trailers, the first step in demolition is to tear down the building, recover any usable components, and discard the rest. These jobs can be completed quickly with the aid of a demolition team.

Homes and Small Structures

When relocating to a new property, it may be necessary to demolish nearby houses or buildings around the grounds that are no longer in use or functional. Anything from free-standing garages to barns or guest houses can be taken down, especially if considered unusable due to age or unrepaired damage from years of dormancy. In some cases, these structures can pose a safety risk for you and your family, meaning that tearing them down with the help of a demolition company is the only way to make sure everyone stays safe.

Starting Your Demolition Project With Pineywoods Demolition

Any demolition project could appear simple to manage, but without the right knowledge of how to carry them out, your property will likely sustain inadvertent damage. Luckily, for residents of Henderson, our demolition specialists can help with your residential demolition projects, both inside and outside your home. Explore our website and get in touch with us for additional details about our team, along with a complete list of our teardown services.

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