Home renovation is a significant undertaking, especially when knocking down or getting rid of structures in and around your home. Although demolition is a destructive process, these projects must be handled with care to preserve any pieces of property or structures that need to remain intact. For those in Jacksonville, the demolition team at Pineywoods Demolition can assist you in any demolition-related renovation projects.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Jacksonville

Although referred to as small-scale demolition, these projects require careful planning and extensive masonry skills to be executed properly. Knocking out a wall to open up your living room or getting rid of an unnecessary addition to your home counts as small-scale demolition. An expert demolition team is needed to execute these plans, and Pineywoods Demolition has the skills needed to handle these smaller demolition projects, helping you reimagine your home and crafting it into the space you want it to be.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are often planted in one spot and have a lifespan of about 20 years. After this initial period of use, the materials used to create these homes will start breaking down, leading to inevitable and expensive repairs. When dealing with an older mobile home, more often than not, the only cost-effective options for getting rid of it include scrapping it for parts and demolition. If choosing the demolition route, you must speak with a demolition expert before starting any mobile home demolition projects.


Having a backyard shed can be useful for several reasons, ranging from secure outdoor storage to creating fun entertainment spaces for your family and guests. Making sure these sheds are stable, secure, and functional is important for their use, and if they do not meet these necessary criteria, they should be knocked down and replaced. If you have a shed that needs to be demolished, Pineywoods Demolition is here to help.


Trailers are usually considered smaller, more compact versions of mobile homes, but instead of lasting for around two decades of use, a trailer’s lifespan is up to about 15 years. Past this point, making renovations on an older trailer can be more costly than buying a new one, meaning that the old one must be scrapped. Older trailers, much like mobile homes, may need to be demolished if considered unsuitable for use.

Homes and Small Structures

For some older buildings and structures, outdated and dilapidated features can cause these fixtures to become unusable, which requires total demolition to properly address. The demolition process for homes and buildings, particularly those with strong foundations, requires a team of technicians and heavy machinery to fully get rid of. Contacting a demolition company for these jobs is imperative for making sure these teardowns are properly and effectively handled.

Jacksonville, TX Demolition Experts

Starting the home renovation process is a huge leap of faith, especially when it involves demolition. For those in the Jacksonville area, our team of expert technicians can help with any project involving residential demolition. For more information on our services, including a full list of locations we serve, contact us today.

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