Most people associate demolition with the destruction of large-scale structures, but residential demolition is much more prevalent and can be utilized for a range of home repair tasks. Hiring a demolition specialist is essential for ensuring the success of these projects, whether they involve interior home restoration or complete home teardowns. For Gladewater residents, Pineywoods Demolition can assist you in beginning any demolition tasks required for your next home renovation project.

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Small-Scale Demolition in Gladewater

Small-scale demolition projects typically involve redesigning your home layout by tearing down some walls or pillars that carve up your floor plan to create a more open-concept space. These dividing walls can occasionally be an essential part of your home’s structure, particularly when they are load-bearing walls that support the top portion of your home. With the help of a demolition specialist for your home renovations, these important structural features can be avoided when changing your home’s design layout.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes have been used for decades as easy-to-set-up houses made from light, portable materials. The materials used to construct a mobile home are purposely lighter than stronger masonry like bricks and stones, allowing them to move around if need be. If properly maintained, mobile home materials can last up to 20 years before they start to deteriorate and lose their usefulness. It is more cost effective to demolish these non-functional mobile homes rather than attempt costly repairs.


The functionality of any shed can fundamentally alter how you utilize your backyard, whether you use your shed for entertaining or storing gardening supplies. Destroying an outdated shed might provide a place for a new, more useful structure that can better suit your needs. The easiest method to dispose of any outdated or unusable shed is to consult a demolition specialist to plan the teardown and removal of these structures.


Trailers are a great option for those searching for more economical, portable housing, but they normally only last for 10 to 15 years with routine maintenance. When these trailers start to get old, upgrading them with renovations can cost more than tearing them down. They can normally only be sold for parts when they have reached the end of their usefulness, so demolition may be a necessary step in getting rid of any old trailers.

Homes and Small Structures

Purchasing a piece of older land can sometimes mean dealing with dilapidated barns, houses, and other outdoor structures on your property. Demolishing any old home or small structure on your property is important for curb appeal, but it can also be necessary for getting rid of unsalvageable old fixtures around the grounds of your home. The first step in the demolition process is to decide which elements or buildings need to be taken down, especially if these structures are past the point of repair. The next step is contacting a residential demolition expert.

Demolition Experts for Residents of Gladewater

Pineywoods Demolition is dedicated to giving the residents of the East Texas area, such as those in Gladewater, professional residential demolition services. Our professionals can assist if your renovations involve pulling down or dismantling portions of your house. Explore our website and get in touch with us right away if you would like additional details, including a detailed list of the services we provide.

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